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Even though you are still at school and thus still a minor, we cannot neglect to do things properly. Legally, we must tell you that the material you will access and the instruction you will receive are not perfect. The online content is not a substitute for your text book or your own creative hard work in acquiring knowledge and skills. Your self-discipline, resourcefulness and dedication will make it possible to further your education with our help. The following will highlight the more technical disclaimer criteria:

Technical Disclaimer

SSir Online School CC trading as "SSir" and hereafter referred to as "SSir" provides a virtual classroom for students of various subjects to meet and explore the details of the subjects in more depth. It provides a place for online teaching, learning and collaboration to occur.

 SSir does not offer degrees, diplomas or any type of certification. We offer teaching and support for students, some of whom intend to write a Senior Certificate (or matric) in the South African school system, where the final examination is done through one of the Department of Basic Education or the IEB (Independent Examination Body).

 SSir does not enroll students for the Senior Certificate with any examining body. That is solely the responsibility of the student.

SSir is not responsible for your connection to the internet or the type of web browser you decide to use. The course is developed using Internet Explorer. We are further not responsible for network latency, network outages or any obstacle that prevents you from accessing our service.

SSir provides instruction that introduces Third Party Software like Java, Delphi and MS Office products, but SSir does not own these products, nor does SSir charge for these products.  SSir is not responsible for the running or installation of these products on student (or parent) computers.  While SSir might provide links and guidance where such products may be downloaded and installed, they remain Third Party property and their use and support are both the privilege and responsibility of the Developer. 

Installing of Third Party Software is the responsibility of the student or the parent.  SSir will provide some guidance and support in this matter but every computer has a unique configuration and we are in the business of teaching not of technical computer support.

 SSir reserves the right not to offer a course or to terminate a course at their sole discretion.

 If you join or participate in an online class, some personal information such as your name, photo and email address might be shared with your classmates and/or the instructor. By joining or participating in an online class you agree and accept that information about you may be accessible to fellow class participants. Our service does not allow people to enter a Course (once an instructor has approved enrollment) anonymously or as a guest. If you decide to join and/or participate in an online class, you agree and accept that you are no longer anonymous to the instructor, to other students in the class, or to us. You also accept the relevant fees due for the specific course you enroll for as set out above.

 You understand and accept that distance education (and internet education specifically) is a new technology that may not be suitable to your learning needs. While online classes have many benefits, they also have many shortcomings. By creating, joining, and/or participating in an online class you acknowledge that it is a different and somewhat experimental method of learning and may not be right for you. As such, SSir is not responsible for your online learning experience, your education, or what you learn (or do not learn) by taking one of our courses/classes.

 You understand that all assessment tasks, tests and exams are to be entirely your own work. You may not copy from a fellow student, the internet, or anyone else's previous work or a textbook, or for that matter, anywhere else for such assessments. Even if opportunity arises, you undertake to actively avoid copying or submitting work for assessment which is not entirely your own. Failure to do so could result in serious consequences, such as a zero being awarded for that assignment, or your being prevented from writing or passing the final exam. SSir does not invigilate assessments.

 The contents of the coursework, like this disclaimer, contain opinions, advice, statements, instructions or other information supplied by SSir course writers or the respective third party authors.  By enrolling for a course with SSir Online School you accept that the educator in charge of the course is competent well trained to teach the subject.  You are welcome to query a mark allocation once and our teachers will address it according to their discretion. Queries will be dealt with once and no prolonged discussion or argument will be entertained about our marking.  If you question anything within this website, let us know and we will promptly respond to your concerns/comments at least once.

 These courses are provided as-is. That means SSir makes every attempt to provide the most accurate information available, using our internal resources to prepare this online course, but we make no representations, warranties, or guarantees regarding the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any opinions, advice, statements, instructions or other information provided in or by the material or the other contents. It is your responsibility to either investigate and evaluate the accuracy, correctness, reliability or completeness of any opinions, advice, statements, instructions or request further clarification from SSir.

 Most importantly, SSir, the conglomerate (to include officers, members, employees, writers, agents, sponsors, consultants) is not responsible or liable to any third party for any loss or damage, including, but not limited to, any special, incidental, indirect or consequential damages, lost profits, lost revenues or lost business incurred as a direct or indirect result of your use of, or reliance on, any opinions, advice, statements, instructions or other information provided in or by the course.

Students  enrollment to a SSir Online School Course is not a right but a privilege and will be allowed solely at the discretion of SSir Online School management.  Students that behave unethically or inappropriately according to the discretion of the school management will be warned and after a second occurrence suspended from the course, thus forfeiting any fees paid.

Thank you for choosing to study with SSir. We trust that you will have a successful and exciting journey with us.

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