Ssir Online School Computer Requirements for IT and CAT

Both the Information Technology Courses and the CAT courses through Ssir Online School require students to have access to a computer. 

 We strongly suggest that the student uses a Windows 10 type of computer.  While we acknowledge that there are other very good configurations such as the Apple MacBooks or the Chromebooks, we have based our courses on students using the Windows 10 Operating system.

 We will not be able to provide anything but cursory support on a technical level for students using other types of computers.

 Students in CAT and IT will be using Microsoft Office.  Layout and User-Interfaces might differ on other operating systems.

Students choosing the Delphi course must know that the Delphi programming language only runs on  Windows-based computers.

Ipads or similar tablets will not be suitable to complete either the IT or CAT courses.  The minimum requirement is a fully functional computer. (Desktop or laptop)

A modern, entry level Windows-based machine will be good enough for the grade 10 – 12 IT and CAT courses with Ssir Online School.

  • 4 GB Ram is acceptable but 8 is better.
  • 500 GB storage. 
  • Internet access through wifi
  • Windows10


Last modified: Monday, 16 October 2023, 11:53 AM