The Grade 10 Computer-Applications Technology (10CAT) for IEB course is for students who will be writing the IEB matric exam in grade 12. It is 'about learning to understand and use the most powerful tool humanity has ever created!' (from CPOYL 2012). It broadly covers the every day use of computers and specifically teaches students the intricacies of using products like Microsoft Office in the workplace. No programming is done in this course. The course is fully CAPS compliant and prepares students for the final matric exam.

While this course has a significant theoretical component its value lies in the depth that to which students cover packages such as Microsoft Office.

The course is broken down into weeks where every week covers a topic (or chapter).  There are videos, websites, quizzes and assignments  to be worked through in each topic.

Hard work is key!


Arnold Lamont

Director:  SSir Online School.

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