Introductory Java programming course for Gr 10.

This course (Information Technology Java) is offered to students at schools who write the IEB matric exam.   The course covers the theory of computers in everyday life as well as programming in Java.  

In Information Technology a student will:

  • use appropriate techniques and procedures to plan solutions and devise algorithms to solve problems using suitable techniques and tools’
  • understand and use appropriate communication technologies for information dissemination;
  • appreciate and comprehend the various systems technologies used in the developing of a computer-based system;
  • understand that all ICT systems are built upon software engineering principles;
  • understand and use Internet technologies for various tasks;
  • comprehend and apply the concepts of data and information management to understand how a knowledge-driven society functions; and
  • understand the social implications of ICTs and how to use ICT technologies responsibly.

The course covers:

  • Solution Development (programming)
  • Communication Technologies
  • System Technologies
  • Internet Technologies
  • Data and Information Management
  • Social Implications of technology

The course is structured into weeks where every week covers a topic, typically a chapter.  During a week students work through videos, pages in the textbook, websites, online quizzes and homework assignments. 

Textbooks are in electronic and printed format and can be purchased online.  Printed textbooks should be ordered a month or two before the start of the course.

Details of these textbooks are on the home page.


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Director: SSir Online School

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