2021 Costs of courses

Courses - 2021

Maths Legup and Wiskunde Hupstoot courses for grades 11 and 12

This course is a video course of 159 videos covering the CAPS curriculum for Mathematics in Grades 11 and 12.   There is no interaction with a teacher in this course and it is available on a month-to-month basis.  Our video teachers have 60 years of teaching experience between them and they know the typical mistakes that students make.  These have been addressed in the videos.

  • Gr 11 & 12 Maths Legup! - R100 per month
  • Gr 11 & 12 Wiskunde Hupstoot! - R100 per maand

To enrol for this course in either Afrikaans or English  complete the Maths registration form you find here.  Payment details are inside the registration form. 

In the case of Information Technology, you may elect to do either Java or Delphi as a programming language. So a student would do either Java or Delphi, not both. Windows-based computers are strongly advised for the Java and CAT courses. Delphi only runs on a Windows computer, making it imperative to have a Windows machine.

Grade 10 – R 7500   (per subject, per student, per year for 2021)

Grade 11 – R 7 500  (per subject, per student, per year for 2021)

Grade 12 – R 8000 (per subject, per student, per year for 2021)

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