2019 Courses and Costs

Courses - 2019

In the case of Information Technology, you may elect to do either Java or Delphi as a programming language. So a student would do either Java or Delphi, not both. Windows-based computers are strongly advised for the Java and CAT courses. Delphi only runs on a Windows computer, making it imperative to have a Windows machine.

Grade 10 – R 7 300 (per subject, per student, per year)  (Proposed fee for 2020 : R7660)

  • Computer Applications Technology (10CAT)
    • A student doing CAT needs Microsoft Office 2013 or later with MS Access - this might be obtained from their school.
  • Computer-Applications Technology for Schools who write the Dept. of Education matric exam.(10CATDBE)  (Special Offer: R4180-00)

Grade 11 – R 7 300 (per subject, per student, per year) (Proposed fee for 2020 : R7660)

Grade 12 – R 7 800 (per subject, per student, per year)   (Proposed fee for 2020 : R8200)

Grade 12 Extra Lesson and PAT Guidance courses – R 600!  (Special Offer! - Register now!)

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